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2017 McLean County Corn Yield Estimates

August 23, 2017

Each year, Soy Capital Ag Services farm managers in Bloomington, IL estimate yields for McLean County. 2017’s estimate ranks as the 3rd highest yield at 197.39 bushels per acre. Furthermore, yields are expected to be 25% higher than the 5 year McLean County average. The yield estimates ranged from 148 bushels per acre to 245 bushels per acre, with 43% being over 200 bushels per acre. Crops were planted between April 13th and June 1st with the average planting date of April 22nd.  The cold weather we faced from late April until mid-May, hurt overall plant and ear populations in many cases.  This, combined with the lack of moisture, will put a limit on yield potential in some areas of the county.  For more information please look at the following:

Highlights of the 2017 McLean County Yield Estimates

2017 McLean Co. Yield Survey