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2013 Soy Capital Test Plot Results Available Online

November 12, 2013
As data become available from Soy Capital Ag Service’s seed test plots thisfall, information will be posted to A large summary insert of all of the data also will be published Nov. 22 in both the Illinois and Indiana Agrinews. “Soy Capital Ag Services is pleased to partner with the seed industry to test the newest released and experimental hybrids and varieties on the market,” says Brian Thompson, manager for Soy Capital’s Bloomington office. “Many of our tests for the 2013 season were similar to what has been offered in the past, but we also added some new tests to address some challenges.” For example, herbicide-resistant weeds have become a problem in many areas where certain weeds have developed a tolerance to  glyphosate, the activeingredient in Roundup herbicides. Conventional soybeans and Liberty Linksoybeans offer alternatives. Soy Capital conducted variety testing on both to help direct decision in the future on varieties to plant. “We are one of a handful of specialists that conducted such testing this year, so the information is very important to us as managers,” says Thompson. “We also added a new Southern Illinois zone for 2013, which will help us select the best hybrids and varieties for lower productivity soils. We will have results from our blended corn refuge treatment trial as well.” Replicated testing for corn and soybeans was completed in Illinois and Indiana, and plots were replicated three times at each location where testing was done. In addition, Soy Capital had on-farm strip plots in central Illinois for traited corn and conventional soybeans. A check hybrid/variety was planted at the beginning, end and as every fifth entry of the strip plots. For more information about trial results, contact Thompson in the Bloomington office at or 309-665-0959.